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Flowers are nostalgic and stay rooted in our memories

Wedding Florist, Richmond, VA

Rose Avenue is dedicated to celebrating the earth, and what comes from it. We love flowers and how they can completely transform someone's mood just by the sight or smell of them. Flowers are nostalgic and stay rooted in our memories of moments dear to our heart. Erin is so fortunate to get to know her brides and grooms and hear why they are choosing specific flowers based on memories or to help them capture a feeling they want their guests to have on their wedding day. Erin brings a fresh approach with her nationwide background in the wedding industry and her unique, organic sense of floral design.

How it all started...

After 10 years in the flower business, Erin Reamer has come from the ground up when it comes to floral design. She first took a floral design class at a technical school in high school and the love for flowers started there. It was the easiest thing in the world and she was the quickest in the class. She had found her passion. Erin told her teacher that one day she would start her own flower business only doing weddings and events but never did she think it would actually happen.

Floral Design school was next and she received a certificate. It was hard to find anywhere to hire Erin with little experience and being so young. But, she started at a very small old fashioned shop specializing in funerals and learn she did. The next shop specialized in weddings and learn she did. Weekend after weekend, wedding after wedding, she was soaking it all in and learning and loving the industry! Then she went a bigger shop with even more weddings and at a faster pace and she just ran with it! But there was something missing and she had stopped learning. It was time to grow and explore and learn about the wedding industry in a different way in a different city.

Los Angeles was a saving grace for Erin's love for flowers and event design. It was a whole new world of discovery for her. After emailing about 100 florists she found her way in and slowly became a freelancer at 6 different companies. Each with their own design techniques, each with their own styles, each with their own lessons. Erin thought she was dreaming working for famous brands, clients and learning all that she did! She is forever grateful for those who gave her a chance and believed in her.

Then, the sweetest little boy came along. Erin worked until the very day he was born. When trying to work here and there, no matter his exciting, she just found herself longing for home. But she started to think that little boy needed to look up to her for the good she did, not just for arranging flowers. She loves the environment and animals but with helping animals, either she would cry every day or their home would become a zoo.

That is where the idea of Rose Avenue started. A full service wedding and event florist giving a percentage of each to Greenpeace. That way Erin can use all of her creative skills to bring signature looks and new fashioned florals to the local weddings where she grew up and first found her passion for flowers, Richmond, and be able to give back to the earth, environment, and animals. Also keeping a piece of her new LA home, she lived one block away from 'Rose Avenue', so that became the name.

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